September 2007

Tried my hand at my first web videos. All of These were done using nothing speciall, just FRAPS and windows movie maker. The first one is set to Mortal Kombat, and the second to Stephen Lynch's D&D. Enjoy!

August 2007


In a fit of boredom one late night on shift, two sci-fi nuts decided to explore theoretical physics and created their idea for faster than light travel. Below is the presentation of the Eldridge-Leonard Bridge, as brought to you by Section 8 Designs. Click on the anomaly to view.


August 2007

The Silver Brotherhood

Section 8 Designs is creating a new forums website for the Silver Brotherhood Guild from Dungeons and Dragons Online. The new site can be found at


February 2006

Home of the Bored Soldier

Section 8 Designs is in the process of restoring after a hack attempt in 2006. Please check back for frequent updates


October 2005

To Network Map

I got bored. Above is my network map. Click on the dog.