Occasionally I have an oppurtunity to capture something Amusing happening in SWG. I think they're funny, maybe you will too!

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Sreenshot of the Month

My Alts Together At Last!

Wemik tried to take on Darth Vader
This did not go as planned

I have you now....

Can't Breathe....

Right! I'll kill you for that!



Can't Saber Hit While Fighting? What the Hell?

Magicall insists she has blue eyes. Here they came out green.

Lots of lightsabers, lots of things cut in half... Oh yea...

EROS got bored, so we made a parking lot outside of the Theed Cantina.

No Wonder the Empire Lost! One trooper is just playing away after I slaugthered his NPC Buddy.

I don't know what posessed the server to spawn NPCs into the water, but whatever.

Oversealous fight with a Tulrus, we both lost.

Another Rodian Jedi! Oh happy day!.

Ride it!

Is Xy flying or humping his ship?

The Kessell Maw, isn't it pretty?

Xylem and Gianni

True love is something to aspire to, and cherish.

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