GALAXIES SUNSET: 15 December 2011

Along Time ago. In a Galaxy Far, Far Away.......

It is a happy time for Star Wars Fans Everywhere. With George Lucas and Lucasfilm finishing the Saga that began in 1977 by completing Episodes I, II, and III, we now have the entire story of the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker. Well, according to George Lucas that is. With the release of Star Wars Galaxies in 2002, now fans can live their own adventures within this universe. The original timeline had the events in the game occuring between Episodes IV and V, however with the release of the New Game Engine (Bleh) in October of 2005, the new tagline is "Where the movies end, your adventure begins......."

The Saga Continues

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The Wedding of -Exotica- and Latinlover'

Below are the Characters who's lives are role-played by the webmaster. If you see an Elder title that means the character was Pre-NGE. None of these are Pre-CU. They are listen in the Format of Character Name, Server, Guild and Profession.


Memnoc' Blackstar
Elder Bounty Hunter / Elder Pistoleer / Elder Rifleman / Elder Combat Medic
NGE Jedi (For now)
Wemik Pordec
Elite Recon Ops Squadron
Elder Teras Kasi / Elder Smuggler
NGE Jedi
Ralec Aceaneo
Elite Recon Ops Squadron
NGE Commando
Xosep Blackstar
NGE Bounty Hunter

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